Congratulations to Melissa Porfirio Virginia’s 2014 Teacher of the Year and National Teacher of the Year Finalist

Too many idealistic, gifted, and conscientious educators are leaving the teaching profession after just a few years in our nation’s classrooms. They feel alone, frustrated and disillusioned by the bureaucracy, stress, and challenges of modern public education. Teaching is Tough! A Practical Guide to Classroom Success is designed to help these novice teachers during their critical early years in overcoming the many daily difficulties and obstacles that they routinely face. Written by several of Virginia’s finest and most experienced educators, the book contains a series of easy-to-read informative essays, which provide realistic advice and guidance that can be immediately applied and implemented in the classroom. Teaching is Tough! is an invaluable resource for novice and mentor teachers. It will help all educators to become more effective by improving their instruction as well as their interaction with parents and students.


Teaching is Tough!




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NOV. 1, 2014

The TLC Symposium is a one-day professional development activity offered to novice teachers (0 to 3 years teaching experience) currently teaching in the public school systems in the Southeast Region of Virginia. It will involve approximately 125 people including beginning teachers, mentors, higher institution representatives, deans and presenters. The symposium will provide needed professional development to enrich and support non-continuing contract participants, as well as connect them with award-winning mentors from the Virginia Teachers of the Year organization.

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